All joined objects won't rotate

I have a completely joined mesh model and armature parented together. Its a model of mickey mouse. Everything seems to be correct, but when i rotate the head bone, everything rotates except the pupils and the inside of the mouth. I had made sure several times that the mesh is completely joined and parented. Is there any reason for this?

You really need to post a link to the file for proper troubleshooting…
But the problem sounds like it’s almost surely a problem with vertex weights. Having the mesh joined together doesn’t tell the different parts of the mesh which bone to follow. That’s the job of vertex weights.

Im not sure if you can open this.
[video]C:\Users\mccoo\Videos\Mickey Problem.mp4[/video]

Nope, that doesn’t work. It’s a link to a file on your computer, and my computer doesn’t know where your computer is at.
Try uploading the blend file here