All kinds of problems with Blender and Ubuntu

I’m posting this in both Blender Artists forum and Ubuntu forums incase somebody somewhere can sugest something.

For a long time I’ve been running the latest Blender on Ubuntu 12.10. I installed Blender using these commands:-

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:irie/blender

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install blender

(I’m not sure why these lines of code are not on

And it worked fine. Well - nearly fine. I wasn’t able to get Single Texture for the game engine. And the game I’m in the process of making is aimed at people who don’t necesserely have the latest graphics cards, or even know what a graphics card is.

So I downloaded a Blender that doesn’t install, but just runs from whatever folder I stick it in. On that I CAN get Single Texture… but I can’t export game-engine runtimes. Here is the error message I get.

So - I attempted to update to later version of Ubuntu, in the vague hope that that might solve my problems…
Now I can’t get my fully installed Blender to work at all - and the problems with the other Blender remain. Also - I no longer get the ‘compact’ option for viewing folders of files. Also - I no longer get a spell-checker in Firefox. I think a re-install of Ubuntu 12.10 is on the cards.