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Hey! So I think this addon is awesome and has been extremely useful. So thank you :hugs:.

However, I just finally discovered or figured out an issue that’s been bothering me and some other artist friends of mine , for a while now. We have had very weird artifacts in the eevee scene , especially with render mode/view activated. Basically the viewport performance seemed to drop a bit , but the most notable issues were antialiasing seemed to basically not exist and the viewport appeared blurry and noise would never resolved. It was always crawling or constantly updating. So finally today I decided to rename my prefs file and start blender “fresh” to make sure my file was ok. Sure enough , it looked good again!

So, I tried a few other things to eliminate other possible factors and determined it was some or multiple addons screwing up my viewport.

I slowly enabled 1 addon at a time , and to my surprise , when I enabled this material list addon, I noticed the artifacts again! I tested it again to be sure and yes. This addon was the culprit as to why our viewports looked so bad/ rough.

But, it turns out I can leave your addon turned on/enabled , I just have to disable the selection highlight option OFF.

I’m not sure how you are updating or performing that action , but it seems to cause FPS drop and more noticeably the artifacts I mentioned.

Hopefully there is a way to fix this on your end. If not, it’s not a huge deal. I can disable that option / as needed. But I wanted to write this all up for you and in case anyone else had run into this issue.

Thank you!!


Thank you for testing.
It’s a serious bug. I’m truly sorry.
I will consider changing the method of highlighting.

The highlighting function uses the “update every time you do something” function.
I may be a problem with how to use my update function.

Current method


There seems to be some trouble.

  • Lower frame rate
  • No anti-aliasing
  • BezierUtils add-on display of some functions is delayed

Method used before

  • There is a problem that the BoxCutter add-on crashes. Therefore, we have changed to the current method above.
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ver1.91 Bug fix


The following bugs caused by the List highlight function have been fixed.

  • 3D viewport frame rate is reduced
  • 3D viewport anti-aliasing disappears
  • BezierUtils add-on display of some functions is delayed

method for resolution

Changed the method of highlight display function.

  • Old bpy.types.SpaceView3D.draw_handler_add
  • New

Reverted to using depsgraph_update_post.
This is the method we used before, and the problem that the BoxCutter add-on crashes was an obstacle, but this no longer happens (the cause has not been clearly identified).


You’re awesome! I’ll check it out in a bit and report back what I find. :star_struck:. Thank you!

keep on @Bookyakuno!

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I think I did just have blender crash as he said, when I used HardOps. I opened the Hops right Panel, that shows (Cutting Material), and my monitors went black for a few seconds and blender closed. Although now it seems fine again on 2nd try… so not sure what that was…

Edit: I guess he said BoxCutter, but almost seemed like Hops caused it in that case, but I’m not sure… hmmm

HI Bookyakuno
I found a few bug on 1.91 , I dont know if others will run into this .
anyway here is what I got.

  1. this assign button only create new material now , it wont automaticaly assign materials since VER .1.90~1.91

  • the preset color rainbow no longer give u rainbow colors , it will only assign one color to all selected objects.
  • Material Color->Viewport Color runs error, not functioning .

Thank you!

1. Only objects with assigned materials are selected

Perhaps you have executed the button with only the objects assigned materials to it selected.
The functions of the “Assign” button only work for objects that do not have material.
For objects to which material has already been assigned, remove the material from the object in advance with the [X] button on the right before executing.

2. Regarding Preset color

What color will the preset color change?
It is normal if it can be set to red with the red button.

2. Object has Principled BSDF node does not exist

If the Principled BSDF node does not exist in the material assigned to the object, the function will fail.
This function only supports the base color parameter of the Principled BSDF or Diffuse BSDF.

  1. A ha I see the problem. the remove old slot on my setting was left to be off . When I put it back on everything works as intended . THX for point out .

  2. Perhaps I didn`t make my self clear, or I misunderstood the function, sorry.
    Let me rephrase my question this way.

A. when I press the preset red. I got all selected object with the same color.

B. when I press the preset red. I thought I should get something like Red spectrum instead of all same color.

Which should be the correct result that presets originally intends to do A or B ?

3.Problem solved, yeah I got that tinny decal machine materials in it .
Thank you for the guide.

I might put it on the TODO list and implement it (I think it will be lower priority. don’t expect too much).

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ver2.0.0 Add the Light / Camera list


Introduces updates such as addition of light list, camera list, improvement of material index list, and simple node parameter display in material list.


Light list

Lists materials with lights, light probes, and emission nodes.

  • Editable items: Light selection, display availability, selection availability, viewport availability, renderability, renaming, color change, power change, size change, shadow on / off, deletion, others, emission color and strength
  • If there are many other items, you can adjust the width by dragging the divider
  • Hidden lights are displayed in red
  • There is an option to sort by collection
  • Emission nodes are excluded from the Emission node named "Emission Viewer"
    • This is because the node is created as a temporary viewer with the Node wrangler add-on

Camera List

Displays a list of cameras.

  • Editable items: Camera selection, display availability, selection availability, viewport availability, renderability, rename, focal length
  • Hidden cameras are displayed in red
  • Marker setting function
    • You can set markers on the timeline
    • The camera of the current marker is highlighted
        • If there are multiple markers with the same name, only the marker created first will be highlighted.
    • If there is a camera marker in the current frame, the marker will be deleted.

Node parameter display

Only works for materials with a simple node structure.
Only some nodes are supported.
This “View Compact Node” is off by default .

▼ Supported
nodes If an image texture is set for a supported node, the image is displayed.
If other nodes are connected, the node name is displayed.

  • “Principled BSDF”
    • Base color, roughness, metallic, normal map
  • “Diffuse BSDF”
    • Base color and roughness
  • “Emission”
    • Base color and strength

Hide each list

As list items have increased, we have an option that allows users to hide less frequently used lists.

It can be accessed from the add-on settings or from the right end of the main menu.


Improved material index list

In the previous version, there was a problem that wasted blank space, but it was improved by changing the method of creating the list menu.

Changed to the procedure for setting the index number by clicking the index number and specifying the number from the pop-up menu.

You can use regular expression search filters in this material list .

The new material index list cannot adjust the vertical width of the list .
If you have a large amount of material, it is recommended to filter with the search box at the top.


  • The simple texture adjustment menu next to the slot has been improved to display image textures etc. if they are used for node input.
  • The function to select material assignment objects from the list has been changed so that multiple selections can be made by clicking while holding down Shift.
    • The “Select Extend” option for multiple selection has been removed because it is no longer needed
  • Set icons for each menu and align them to the left to improve visibility
  • In the image list, the width of the image name and file path can be adjusted directly from the knob in between.
  • The add-on file was divided and organized internally.

Bug fixes

Fixed the problem that the simple texture setting menu was not displayed unless the material list was opened. Fixed the problem that
the deletion of the world list was not displayed.