all menus gone/wierd interface??

So I think I must have pressed some keyboard shortcut, and made all menu bars dissappear, and every window except the 3d view, I can press T and N, to bring up those menus, but these have nothing that helps.

Try Ctrl-UpArrow?

EDIT: That is odd. You can save your work with Ctrl-S. Make sure to click the little confirmation pop-up. Then you can exit out at least, and see if restarting blender solves the problem.

Alt-F10. I’d never seen that one before because my OS(Linux) hijacks that key combo. There are several key combos set to Maximize Area, but the Alt-F-10 one has a “hide panels” option turned on. And by my limited testing, it appears that they assumed, anybody who got in there would know how to get themselves back out. :slight_smile: