All my action animations were overwritten?

Ok so I’ve been working on this character for a game and i’ve started to animate him. Everything was going well, and i had animations for walking, jumping, idle, and attacking. But then i went to add in a new action (shooting a bow). Everything seemed ok until i went back to my other actions and now they’re all the shooting a bow animation! What went wrong? Will I have to reanimate them all?
Oh and all the keyframes of the original animations for each action are in the same place, but the animation is different.
I feel like it’s a simple setting i have to check/uncheck or something obvious like that that I’m just missing. Or maybe i totally screwed something up. Anyways, Here’s the .Blend

Knight1.blend (1.11 MB)

Anybody know what’s going on?


  • Picklechip

How did you go back to your other animations? Where did you switch from the shooting bow animation to one of your older ones? This is for the game engine right? I don’t know anything about that area of blender.

Anyhow, your animations are all there and I think mostly working. I just left the start/end frame as you had it set, switched to a different action and played it, and they all play just fine. Since I’m not sure how you were playing the actions, here’s how I did it, and a little info for you:

When I opened the file, I selected the armature, then I switched the outliner to be a dopesheet editor. The dopesheet is one of a couple of places where your keyframes are stored and can be manipulated. By default, when you open the dopesheet, it’s set to dopesheet mode. In this mode, you can see all your animation keyframes for everything. Say you are doing a character animation and you have keyframes on the armature, you have keyframes for the camera because it moves, and keyframes for another object that moves. The dopesheet will allow you to see all these keyframes together. So changes can be made to all of them at the same time…

Anyhow, in the dope sheet’s header, there is a box to the left of the text menus that says dopesheet, click on that box and it opens and allows you to change the editor type, switch it to an action editor. Now all you see will be keys for the armature. To the left of that, there’s another box for the name of the action, here you can switch actions for the armature. Click on the box, and all the actions you created are there, and you can switch which one is active and will play with an alt-a with the mouse in the 3d view, action editor, or timeline.

So I am curious as to how your created the actions? Like I said, I don’t know the game engine. But I’ve been doing character animation, and a good bit of the work I do is in the dopesheet/action editor. But I get the feeling like you might not know your way around it. It’s a useful area to know. Say you create an action, and in the game it’s too slow/fast. Go to the action editor, set the cursor to the first keyframe of the action, select all keyframes, s-key to scale them to speed up or slow down the action.

Anyway, I’ll look at the character a bit more later, spent enough time on this for today. Yer gonna owe me for all this help…


ahhh okay I see, I figured it out :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks once again Randy!

Don’t feel like you have to help me, It’s only if you would like to :stuck_out_tongue:

I do appreciate your help so far, but you don’t need to anymore if it’s a bother, as I’ve figured out all my problems. so now it’s just a matter of me learning, which i could do elsewhere

Thanks though!