all my camera are broken

I have a problem that just developed…when I activate the GE (shift F) the camera view falls off to the right, starts shaking, and the scene is repeated every 90 degrees…I think I accidently had the camera selected while I was grabbing-moving some other objects, and can’t get it reset…the real prob is I have several copies of the walkthrough template that I’m using on various projects, and it seems to be global across all the projects…the projects are in different folders…I’ve tried re-d/l’ing the walkthrough, but the problem is still there, however, if I open a new project the camera works fine, so it doesn’t appear to be a graphics card problem…any help/explanations?

You start the game engine by pressing ‘P’ not ‘shift F’. I think shift F is camera fly mode.

I probably didn’t describe it completely or accurately. in camera fly mode, it/they shake and won’t move. in GE, § the camera(s) fall(s) over to the right and behave(s) in a generally erratic and uncontrollable manner.

It sounds like the camera might be set to dynamic. Make sure it isnt and it should work.