All my image links will become broken

My hotlinked images get 50 to 120 MB of monthly bandwidth. My old threads appearently still get a few visits. Unfortunately those images will be not be available anymore one week from now. I am sorry for this.

If anybody uses those images for reference, please copy them to your hard disk.

I just use a google account to host hotlinked images/videos so they will (probably) always be available.

I also have my domain name hosted by the same google account and always make sure to have links resolve under it instead of so if I ever wanted to move away from google (or their free hosting goes away) it would be as easy as copying the images over to the new host.

I think this is a good way to future proof hot links, as long as I pay the $14 every two years to keep the domain name active everything should Just Work. Not that anyone really cares about what I get up to or anything but that’s besides the point.

I noticed your old blender site had gone down the other day. I often found it useful, so I was sad to see it gone, thankfully there’s the way back machine.
Good luck with whatever you’re doing now!