I have totally overhauled the BFF.

Through Suggestions of others and TONS of reading. I decided to rebuild the BFF, My Server, and my file structure all-to-gether.

The New Blender File Forge Has a new look, new features and runs considerably faster and is easier to use.

1, You Must be a Registered member on
2, You must have at least 100 posts on this board as well, or you must send me a pm, ill enable you personally, I cant change the settings of the board, they are in place to protect the users.
3, In order to upload to the server, you must register to the Blender File Forge.
(those of you that already registered are still there BTW)
4, This is strictly for the Blender artist forum, if you upload to the BFF the files you upload must be used here. (dont ruin it for others)
5, You must also use your screen name from blenderartists, so I know who you are.

A really SPIFF Downloads section for the members to upload their stuff too and comment their files they are uploading.
:RocknRoll:Now with eaccelorator an GZIP compression for faster uploads and downloads.:RocknRoll:
You can Upload ANY file type! (please still ZIP your files for faster transfers and space savings)
The forum now generates the BBCODE that you can use to reference your files from Blenderartists for your downloads:D
Check it~;sa=downfile;id=1
A really cool Gallery section, you can upload your images there, and it generates the BBCODE for you to post your images here on Blenderartists!!
Check it~

There you have it!!!
The new Address for the Forum is…

Have fun and happy blending!!!

Are you planning on putting a portal on the site?
Tiny portal is a good portal for smf:

They have some really good themes on there aswell (alot better then the default smf one ;))

The new downloads bit looks good.

I thought about tinyportal, but you have to register your forum, less of a footprint and “knowledge” of the BFF means better transfers and more space for the Blender guys.

I made it for you guys, not anyone else, there are plenty of people out there that will abuse the hell out of this.

I have looked at themes, and I am currently deciding on which one to use. The default theme is fastest of these though.

I decided in the end (when it went live) functionality and speed is better than looks…

But ill definitely consider prettying it up more now that you have said something…


Hey, I registered like, yesterday, and still no notification e-mail.
Are you doing this by hand ?

yes he is.

Your strait… sorry I had the password wrong for my mail server on my end. Your enabled. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have enabled auto registration for members now… I will check back as time goes on to see if someone registers there that doesnt have a screen name here or doesnt meet the quota requirements…

Peace all

Ahh, okay, thanks.

By the way, can you PM my username and password? I have a username there, but I don’t remember getting a password. :frowning:


@ yournamehere - Hey big guy, no you never actually created an account, I created that forum section for you so I could host your texture pack for you until you got around to creating an account.

@ All - Remember guys, you don’t have to create an account unless your going to upload something. You can download at will from my server with just a guest account.

@ All - Also remember, use the DOWNLOAD section now, it helps keep track of things, i am no longer going to create a forum for each user, as the NEW download section will generate your link codes for you and is much much easier to use.

There is also a gallery section for hosting your pictures here at blender artists. but you also have to be a member to use the gallery.