All objects black in Cycles render but are visible in Eevee and Luxcore

Hi there, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days now. I was working on this project without issue for several days. While working on it a few days ago, after switching between render engines for quicker previews, I switched back into Cycles and my entire scene was black. My lights all seem to be there and work in other render engines. My materials are all there, nothing is hidden. I’ve checked every checkbox I can think of and just cannot get this scene to work in Cycles. I’ve deleted ALL object modifiers. Not a single object is visible, only there outlines are. I’ve read sooo many forum articles and have tried everything I can find.

Here’s the blend file:

This file has also been opened on another computer on a different version of Blender and it looks the same.

Under Render Properties:

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Thank you so much! Can’t believe this was the problem :man_facepalming: