All of my energy and time is going useless

i am fed up of Blender and its Game Engine …i should better quit ! Its not for me…and i am not good at anything !
just feeling bad…for the 8 months i have been trying hard to use my time in learning something new…but nothing happens…i am useless…i am good at nothing…just should die now ! :frowning:

I am not creative or talented or good looking ! Sucks…for me everything sucks :frowning:

Are you for real or is it a joke ?

Life is just now difficult for everyone. But soon the hidden technology will be exposed and people lifes will be much easier. Try don’t go crazy these months ahead when all will crumble. After the chaos there will be great change.

Try to look for something that makes you happy, don’t go down!

It’s not that bad I mean I lost all of my blender games projects even the new one which I started recently also my computer completely broke and now I need to buy a new one computer.
I also experienced the same thing when I started using blender,the only thing I would say to you is to be positive and don’t think negative because nothing good will come from you being negative also you shouldn’t give up in making games with blender because I know that at first is not easy and when you watch others peoples games made with blender you will feel as if your games are bad but if you keep trying you will be improving and you will be able to make great things.

ok ! i am back ! Quiting is not an option ! Life always shows two options 1.Quit ( which is easy ) 2. Fight(which is difficult) but not impossible !

I will fight till my last breath make good games and will work even if i am useless…i will keep working hard ! :slight_smile:

Even I don’t have the guts to quit when I feel like I’ve lost creativity (Especially amplified when I notice most of the things I post are not grabbing very many people’s attention). :eek:

I think that we all need to be supportive, Artists are by definition eccentric, and EGo is important,

Working hard is a option, another is collaboration,
find your strengths and build on them,

what are you best at?
Code logic?
code python?

we all have a place :slight_smile:
learn as you go,
where are you stuck?
what do you need help with?
Pm me anytime
I am sure there are others as well,

J.F what happened to the tron looking game?
I liked the look,

Life is hard. But you have sports to keep you fit.

Have good food. Stay healthy.

And best of all, enjoy the challenges.

My strengths lie in my creativity with writing and Graphics.
i am by definition, a jack-of-all-trades. Mostly, my work is done for personal enjoyment.

the game is still in production. I am nearly done with the turrets and now will have to continue work on the levels since I am done with my BG comp pic.

The voice acting is gonna be fun. :slight_smile: