All of my models hair particle systems turn the same material

Hi everyone. Lately I’ve stumbled into an issue I just can’t figure out how to fix because I’m pretty new to particle systems in Blender.

My model possesses multiple particle systems, all with different assigned vertex groups for each section of the body that needs a different particle system. On these hair particle systems I’ve applied different materials to give each part of hair its own colour, but for some reason all the hair is turning one colour. See images below:

^ The Body fur, along with every single fur but the Chest fur is assigned with a Black material
^The Chest fur is assigned a white material
^When I turn the Chest fur’s visibility off, the other hair turns its correct colour again
^Each system has its own Vertex group and is Weight-painted correctly
^Depending on which I make invisible, some parts turn the correct colour again

I’m at a loss for what’s happening here so if anybody has the slightest idea that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!