All old topics are now editable

(Bart Veldhuizen) #1

We’ve updated site settings to let you edit your existing topics.

Can't edit topic title of migrated treads
(stephen_leger) #2

Big up !
Thank you

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(ozzkar) #3

Works like a charm! Thanks :slight_smile:

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(AFWS) #4

Does this mean we can now reply to a thread that auto locked after a year?

(3dcgfx) #5

Hi Bart I just noticed that if I edit a post in focused critique it jumps to the top, which may annoy someone who posted after me into perhaps removing their renders :smiley:
I dont have a strong ability to write without many edits, but I should learn to prewrite and then sit on it for a bit before copy/pasting, then leave it as is!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #6

I don’t really have a way to stop that, sorry.

(3dcgfx) #7

Ok I’ll personally watch the editing :smiley: I can’t imagine many others so afflicted, mine’s almost OCD with editing.

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(sai saanvi) #8

its fine thank you

(WillBellJr) #9

The way it seems I’ve learned to sit on my thumbs while typing, any abilities to go back and edit is hella appreciated!



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