All Propz Go Out To All BlenderHeadz Everywhere!

(LAinLA) #1

"As we initiate the master plan “B” of a 3d aaa- quote un quote “sky net”- make moves and drop flames as spontaneously as Baba Fet- while keeping all plans and goals aaa-flowin-and-aaa-growin and in check like your “as seen on tv”, but on your table in the real world chia pet-

-and every cool geek knows that particle FX systems are as fake as the ever spreadin lies that are made evident by the size of the ancient cartoon character known as Pinocchio’s nose-

“FOR…! AAA-Whom Da Bell Tolls - Ahhh- Don’t Stop AAA Stop That aaaa Non-Stop AAA… Rockin Action of Yo Mouse Knukles-Poppin-And-AAAA-Lockin’ -While Your 3d Art Beats AAAA-KeeeeepaaaaDROOOOOOOOOPINNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”






We made it.

For sure.

It’s all Ours.

For now and always.

LAinLA -Blend on

(ben999995) #2


(bgrav) #3

I agree - what’s going on? Please explain!!!

(Alltaken) #4

i hear ya man i hear ya!!!

that is right on the money eh it is just so true.

couldn’t have put it better myself.

it is a great song (i think is a song :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Jamesk) #5

It’s always good to see someone being really happy… :o

(LAinLA) #6

Who would dare to question any Blender users expressions of pure joy over using possibly one of the best pieces of software on this green earth?

I just had to drop some rhymes. You know, rhymes?

If you don’t get it I can’t help you there, but, yeah Blender pretty much rocks my 3d world and alot of other 3d users here. So, that’s what the “shout out” was all aboutz.

Blenders better than ever now.


(pofo) #7

What melody should I sing it to?
Right now I’ve only got christmas carols on my mind (they’re everywhere :o ) so maybe I’ll try one of them. pofo