All right then. Let's go cause some trouble. [Updated 8/24]

Some Girl Genius fan art. The reference image is the end of Volume 3.

Comments or critiques welcome.

Not feeling the mountains and water.

The blimp is pretty awesome

Nice adventurous kind of image. Kind of bring the thoughts of overprepared yuppies going on a half hour hike with brand new kit. Great work!

Nice blimp, but like Enriqolonius said “Not feeling the mountains and water.”

-Mabey more color might do the trick? more cartoon features?

Good luck, Nik

Love the blimp, background doesn’t do it for me either. Possibly include a bit of shoreline to give more of an impression of “just taking off”?

water is too reflective, and theres somethin about the mountains, but the blimp is cool :smiley:

Did some work on the water and mountains.

Some backstory: Agatha has just discovered she is not Agatha Clay, struggling college student, daughter of a blacksmith and a piano teacher, but Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius, heir to the Hetrodyne lands, city and people. She escaped from her captors in this airship and has just been informed by her talking cat, Krosp, that she is a political football.

“Like it or not, you’ll cause trouble just by existing.”

After mulling this over, she responds: “All right, then. Let’s go cause some trouble.”

Another update. Widened the mountains, and increased the saturation of the background, brightened the foreground just a bit. Added Agatha’s trademark cowlicks.