All sorts of fun stuff

Hello, everyone at BA!

I have been working with Blender and BGE for about two years now, but have never partaken in any sort of game dev or 3d modeling communities.

I would like to show off a few little projects I’ve been kicking around. I’ll go ahead and admit I’m not the best 3d modeler in the world, but I’ve been having a LOT of fun playing around with the simple GUI logic editor, integrated Python, and Bullet physics in BGE. I can’t believe this thing is free!

At some point, I’ll register a domain and release all of my game demos for free.

This is Commander^3, a first person action/adventure game. It has reached $170 of its $300 goal on Kickstarter! I currently have 2/6 levels completed.

This is the humble beginnings of an internal combustion engine, with all moving components being handled by Bullet physics. I now realize that the timing chain wasn’t working because the sprockets had their faces inverted x_x… Someday, I would like to build an entire working automobile, with all component interactions being simulated in realtime.

Plenty more is available to view on my Youtube page… I will not plug my Kickstarter here because it might be against the rules…

Pleasure to meet everyone, looking forward to having some people to talk about making games in BGE with :slight_smile:

your ragdoll is looking good but should have more weight

thanks bankbaa!

I’ve been working on my ragdolls, I think they’re a lot better now