All the action right her

i’m working on a model for a game and i’m creating the actions for gameplay.
so far i have a walk action, an idle action (you know, when not walking) and a “get hurt” action. What else should i make? i’m considering jump and run but debate their usefullness. I need ideas guys!! help!

Jump is nice. It is an action game, so run is a must. also, you may want to get gun models and start to make actions for getting out/putting away the guns as well as for firing. Some other useful stuff would be a “crouch walk” or crawl action, and climbing ladders and stairs.

good ideas, i tried run once, it was a failure.
i’m gonna get a tutorial and try again right now

Crouch, or hiding. You know, ducking down behind something is very very useful in action games. And yes, climbing stairs or a ladder, both up and down sequences.

What about punch and kick?

Jump and roll like in syphon filter or metal gear are also good moves

holy shit, i can’t imagine how difficult roll would be to model and put in a game engine!!
i think we have to decide if there will be melee attacks in the game. if there is, than i’ll make punch and jump, but if not it’s not worth it i think… plus, i’d have to make a fighting stance because as of now she stands with her hands at her sides.

It’s not so difficult ! If you want I can make by a week maybe less. At least if the character rig is good enough.

thank you, the rig probably isn’t!! lol!
anyways, i wanna do it myself for the joy of it!
i am a bit lazy though as you can tell