ALL the commands?

Is it possible to use all the python commands that are integrated into Blender in the game engine too?


not well

the blender module may or not be avaliable in the game engine [it varies form release to release], and your options with its contents [armatures, nla, meshes, lamps, materials, opengl drawing] are very very very very [very very very] limited.

you can’t use the armature api to pose a mesh in the game engine
[but iirc there is an api specific to the game engine for that]

drawing things using python and Blender.BGL is useless [they will be erased before the buffers are swapped]

NMesh objects can’t be put in the game engine [iirc without a scene change or restart]

… yeah, essentially there isn’t anything you can do with the blender module in the game engine.

Ok, is there a list off all the commands that can be used in the game engine anywhere?

the GameLogic, GameKeys, and Rasterizer modules, and all things accessable through them
[logic bricks, game meshes]

then in 2.34 new stuff was introduced [probably documenting better the old stuff] which I havne’t read up on much

also, non-blender python modules [such as math, or ones not included with blender such as socket] ought to work as well. [you’ll need to install and configure python properly for some modules…]

So if I have Python installed and configured, which I do, I should be able to use the commands I’ve heard about such as parenting and stuff?

Sorry, I’m a complete newbie with python. :frowning:

  1. Learn python
  2. Learn blender
  3. figure out how to run scripts in game blender:
    [linked to with a logic brick, I can’t find my example pic right now]
  4. learn the gamelogic api and how you get actuators and controllers and stuff
  5. play!!!