All This New Stuff

(SKPjason) #1

Just wanted to say thanks to ya Kib- there’s always new cool stuff to look at in here. Love the new galleries… keep updating my friend… I’m glad for you that Elysiun is turning into the"hotspot" for the best in Blender…

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(rav_bhara) #2

yaaa mee sooo silly

(Goofster) #3

Hey Jason! where have you been lately? still busy at work?

Of course I TOTALLY agree with Jason, Lately I noticed that timothy is on this forum 24/7. sheesh man! GET A LIFE! (look who’s talking)


(valarking) #4


(sten) #5

Hey Jason…

you rocks !! lol…keep it up there !!


(shibbydude) #6

Yeah, I love the forums - hope they are this good on the new Blender site (if that ever does happen :))