All Tied Up -Added Animation pg2

I’m posting this because it made Blender believers out of a few of the guys here at work.

They are Maya users and they’ve been trying to get this to work for several days using Maya. The whole time I would walk past their desk coughing “Blender” *Cough. Finally they were like “Fine… prove it”… I sat down and had this in a little less than an hour. They were flabergasted. Not only that I could do it, but also by how quickly. It’s just text and a small section of rope with array and curve modifiers applied. It is animated so it comes in from the left and wraps through the text and exits by the camera. It’s not my animation so I didn’t bother with a real background. Unfortunately I can’t show the animation =\ but I got a kick out of showing up the “Maya Elite”

PS. I’m certain its possible to achieve results like this in Maya, but I doubt it’s as easy and what matters is that they couldn’t figure it out.

That looks great man. What a way to show-up the Maya crowd. Do you have the animation posted anywhere? Would be neat to see the rope tying around.

I am really glad that you did what you did :slight_smile: I also have friends who use Maya or 3Dmax, they are also looked down at me in the beginning, when they heard that I am using a FREE SOURCE software, but after a while they had to admit that there is NOTHING , i repeat NOTHING you cannot do in Blender , that you can do in any other programm. It just takes longer sometimes, coz we dont have those fansy tools.

Great work though.

Great News. This is the way Blender is coming up.

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Ha! In yo’ face!

Good one mate.

HAHA! YEAH! nice job with showin them up!!
have a cookie, on me mate!

Way to go!!

Hi SpindleRift
Can you please tell me what type of animation your company has done with these tied up letters. R they being pulled?
For my excersise I also want to try that.

no offense, but i really dont see whats so spectacular about this

Wasn’t that the whole point? The Maya people had trouble doing something that’s quite easy to do in blender.

I’ve never used Maya, but I would be surprised if you couldn’t use a similar technique in that program. Are those Maya users inexperienced?

That’s the point. I have used Maya5PLE and its a good software. I didn’t had the money to purchase that software. I started blender and now I know the thinigs were very difficult in Maya5PLE that are very easy in Blender.

Cool. Too bad about the animation. Can we see selected frames?:smiley:
Pretty good for the timeframe.

great stuff, but how did you do it, curve and array modifiers drive me nuts, I must be doing something wrong

Hahaha! That’s good show of power! haha! I wish I could have seen the look on their faces when you did it. :slight_smile:

Can you please write a quick tutorial on this?
I expect quite a few people would like to know how to make nice looking rope (me included!). It could be added to the blender wiki of tutorials.

The rope looks so real, I can’t fathom how you did this in less than an hour. :slight_smile:

see the modifer stack video here:

Your Galery is wonderfull. Thanks for the blend file.

so you modeled the rope and made it repeat using array, and deformed it with curve.

You might wanna look here too:
scroll down untill you find hevy tesselated’s post. He describes a VERY convincing way to make cg rope.

Nice work i also have a friend that uses 3Ds maxs but is not that good at using it I told him to use blender but only used it for 6 sec. and didn’t like it even though he barley tried it.So good job on proving them wrong.

oofta, sorry guys, I was gone all weekend.
Thanks for all the comments. I’m glad you enjoy spreading the wonder of Blender as I do.

kkrawal. We do animations for stadium video boards mostly. I don’t know for sure but I think this one is going to the Royals? Like I said, it isn’t mine, so I don’t know the details. The rope doesn’t pull the text, it just snakes through it, Though I’ll bet you could give it a pulling effect if you applied a lattice to the text. If you’re talking about my gallery, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Jeepster: You hit the nail on the head. What is spectacular is that blender can do it in an hour, and all the Maya knowledge in my office can’t do it in a couple days, and they are NOT novices in Maya, but this was their first time trying this particular effect. They could make a rope that shape, but they couldn’t animated it through the text.

blenditall: I’ll see what I can do.

The key is to have your rope object center and curve object center in the same position. After that it’s just a matter of finding the right xyz settings in the modifiers.

Thanks, it actually took longer to set up the lighting and the text than the rope.

FreakyDude: My solution was similar to the first solution on the post. It worked well because it pretty much overcame the “kinking” problem that occurs on sharp corners in the curve. Another reason I like it is because I didn’t have to subsurf, making navigation considerably quicker on a length of rope this long.

Once again, thanks all for you’re comments. I should be able to post some ruff sequence files and a ruff tutorial.