All tool shelf addons not showing in certain BLEND files.

I have this problem where I’ll work on a blend file, addons are all there in the tool shelf, but if I close then open the scene ALL off my addons are missing from the tool shelf. I go into the addons menu of the properties menu and my addons are still enabled, yet they aren’t working correctly. Only thing that fixes it is to create a new scene and append the scene, but then i can’t make a proxy of the rig wtf??

Tried so many things, went all over google trying to find a solution. Can’t find a single soul who’s gone
through this.

I’ve also tried loading the blend with ‘load UI’ un-selected.

Anyone ever had this problem? What can i provide to help if not?

Ok so i think the problem was that I’ve been in edit mode/pose mode and they all disappear. I got them in a pack, so I had no idea that ALL of them were object mode addons XD ahh well. Solved.