All TTF fonts produce nothing but boxes

I’m using Blender 2.36 on Mac OS X and I can’t load any fonts (ie Wingdings etc). The fonts load fine, but the letters all come out as boxes. I have searched like crazy for an answer to this but I have yet to find it. Surely someone here has experienced this. What do I do?

Do you wright your text in English or not? In my case english are fine with all fonts but when i turn the keyboard in my native language(Greek) i see the boxes you mentioned chineese like letters or just nothing at all. Pity 3D fonts are very usefull and blender makes nice 3D letters…


All my typing is English. Good guess though. :slight_smile:

Any other ideas?

The exact same thing happens on my PC. Can ANYONE use a font such as Wingdings in Blender?

Try Elefont. It generates dxf files which you can open directly with Blender. Some cleanup may be necessary though, because it also generates some stray and doubled vertices, but it handles wingdings ok.
It also has a lot more options for decorating your font than Blender’s text object.
Played around with some webdings font and got this:
Ooops. I reread your message again and found that you were using Mac. Don’t know if elefont works with macs.