All viewport previews modes apart from Render Viewport show nothing!

Hi there,

I have been using Blender for a couple of years now fairly intensively and consider myself reasonably advanced in its use.

Yet suddenly, everything in my scene disappeared from view as if all was hidden, and yet nothing is hidden.

Bounding Box, Wireframe, Solid, Texture AND Material show absolutely nothing in the scene apart from the gnomon (which does update to whichever thing is selected.

However, switch to RENDER viewport, and you can see everything exactly as it should be.

The Outliner shows that everything is there, you just cannot see it.

Tried opening it in older version (am using 2.72) and yet 2.71 has same problem.

Oh and any newly created mesh is also invisible apart from in Render viewport.

Any idea please?

Blend file ?

I think you hided everything, try pressing ALT+H to un-hide everything