All your URLs are belong to me

Hey fellow blenderheads,

One of the disadvantages of Google Chrome and its bookmark bar is that you keep frequenting the same old sites. I get the feeling that I’m experiencing only the same small portion of the wonderful thing we call the internet. Therefore my question to you is: do you know any interesting sites? What sites do you frequent on more or less a daily basis?

Of course Facebook, Youtube, DeviantArt and the like are logical. I mean the more obscure, underground gems :stuck_out_tongue:

I have these to offer: XKCD, Questionable Content, CreatureSpot, and that’s about it. Hence the need for more sites :stuck_out_tongue:

see the bottom of the page above the reply window? digg delicious and stumbleupin are 3 different versions of what you are looking for.

how about this one? super cool site that is a must-have-in-your-bookmark-toolbar :wink: hahaha

well, wikipedia is good to have in your bookmarks, along with a few others…i’ll give you some examples of what’s in my bookmarks:

BlenderCookie, GraphicAll, (a few of my tutorials are there), DemoHero’s Blender 2.5 blog (, um… the official website of Super Mario Galaxy 2, several YouTube videos, Nintendo’s E3 Network (saw Nintendo’s press conference live there last week), lots of stuff…whenever I find something interesting, I usually bookmark it for later, so…
I use Chrome too, btw :smiley:

Wow, you are a genius! Thanks.

I’d still be interested in which sites you guys frequent, though.

that’s 15 letter "o"s

some of the more obscure corners of the internet:

[my favorite sound in the world =]]( For your inner geek. I seriously love this site.
Most of the rest of the sites I visit are unimportant, or cheezburger sites.

Just go to google, type in a random word like pie, and click I’m feeling lucky. So much fun!!

Hehe, love the nooo button :stuck_out_tongue: On a related note:

Browsed howstuffworks quite a lot as well :stuck_out_tongue:

These sites are also awesome for the geek inside of you:

Yeah instructables is an awesome site.
I also frequent, if you’re interested in cars.

btw, Try Opera 10.54. No fuss, no bling, just lets you browse the internet. And has most firefox/chrome features when you want them.

This one can make or break my day! :yes:

Some frequented art sites: and for all the crazy news out there. - If you haven’t got Spotify, it is something I can really recommend. Even though it isn’t really a website (except when you download the program), you will most likely use it very often. It’s great that it now is possible to import songs from the computer into Spotify. - Midomi helps you find music by huming or playing the song, for example from the radio. It’s the same as the iPhone app, but the difference is that it’s free and is a website. I wonder if you can use it from the iPhone :confused: - My favorite online games site. (actually the only one I still visit often) It collects games from around the web. One every weekday.