Here’s my latest render. Trying to improve my texturing skills. Let me know what you think.

Very nice work!
Besides that, i don’t have an awful lot to comment on :slight_smile:

…nice concrete …however the brickwork on 2nd floor right seems out of place…birds add alot to me…

Nice shot.

Very nice perspective!

Thanks everyone. Stars?

To low poly for me to give stars, more beveled edges? And the Concrete seems to be suffering from low ress-ness on the lower left (why is this out of focus?). The chopper has a blue belly, why would it reflect the colour of the sky above it? And the lighting at the bottom seems a bit too dark for a daylight image (even an alley way image). The post processing seems out of place over a sunny day picture (sharp sunlight shadows).
Good start tho’.

Hohhhh yes the STARTS 0 of 5 will do fine :evilgrin:
No___ no just joking! don`t go like this = :mad:
I give you 4 of 5

IMHO it would be good to add motion blur to the pidgin wings, now they look a bit unnatural. Texturing also can be better, but this includes better lightning, more AO and more details in scene. But still it’s a finished and quite good work. Keep moving

great work on this one
allthough, i would use actual DOF in the foreground and not edited afterwards, and use actual motion blur for both the bird wings and helicopter wings and indeed more beveled edges. and maybe let the texture affect the normals, especially at the bare brick part…
awesome job though

It’s a little dark for a sunny day, and where are those sharp shadows coming from.

Texturing looks nice though.