Hey guys,

Working on a small dark alleys. Modelling is almost done.
Texturing up next.

The modeling looks very good, Bart! Already it looks very promising, I like the areas of light and shadow. The utilities, like the pipes and the drainage cover (or whatever those things are called), make the area look more inhabited and real. Looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks James,

My main goal will be to create a dark atmosphere over the image. Might try to implement some volumetrics for fog.
To make it look more inhabited i would try to put some garbadge and dirt in the scene.

I was also thinking about a plastic bag floating in the air.

But will increase detail as I go.

I want see this image with textures, it can be bery beautiful. Good work!

Will post all intermediate steps here, but can be that it will take some time, because soon i will be on holiday

This looks like a really nice foundation. Reminds me a bit of a part in the city I grew up in (Lucerne). Looking forward to the textured version! :slight_smile:

just looked up some pictures of alleys as a reference and made my thing based on those. So it might as well be that one of the references was taken in Lucerne. :wink: