Alleycat: 4-legged walkcycle study

I’m looking for feedback on these walkcycles. This will eventually go on my demoreel, so they must look as good as possible.

Mostly I’m looking for feedback on the motions, not the modeling or rigging etc. But of course I’ll listen to anything that anyone has to offer.

Walk: (421K)

Canter: (453K)

Run: (269K)

All files are DivX AVIs. Thanks for watching.

Hi Sketchy! (loved yer models for the crosswalk project!)

In all of the cycles, the rear legs seem a bit stiff at the ankle joint to me, and in the walk cycle, the action of the foot as it lifts off the ground seems a bit too much, detracting from the overall walk. it seems like the joints in the back legs dont really get a chance to stretch out naturally, but rather stay stiffly bent with very little motion.

the shoulder motion may be a bit much in the walkcycle as well. nicely done, but perhaps just a tad overexaggerated (unless that is what you are going for).

like pld he is a little stiff, i think his head should bob a little more or something, give it a bit more life. I think the run cycle is pretty good as is though

The legs don’t look like they’re straightening enough in the walk. Like he’s walking hunched down and almost putting weight on the wrist area on the front legs. Like humans, animals legs are almost fully extended when bearing weight.

the canter isn’t good. it needs to be more free-flowing. cats canter with almost completely extended legs.

the run needs less movement in the head, and more extended legs.

in fact, extend the legs on all of them.

Usually for 4 legged walk cycles, the ankles are very flexible

The run looks to be the best one from the pack to me.
Like other said the legs are too flexed right now, they need to be straight when the weight of the creature is on them. The movements should be more relaxed (but what do I know, I’m not an animator).

I’m not an animation expert, but here goes…

The stomach/middle area deforms a bit odd, making an edge now and then, that
really looks extremely unorganic. It also flexes to much IMO, especially in the
walk cycle.

The run cycle seems to be the most realistic.

Look at the date guys. You’re a bit late in answering this one I think.

does it matter?

Have you done this in blender?. just guide us how to do?
sorry for late review. I got the link today only. I have seen you jump clip and Now I am
downingloading walk.

Will I be able to stury blend file?


this is quite old stuff. To be honest I don’t even know where the blend file is anymore. Its on a backup cd packed away somewhere.

The walk cycle looks like a typical cat’s “I’m sneaking up on that dustbunny” walk, except the head is held a little too high, and he might be moving a bit too fast for a sneak up walk. I’d also expect the cat’s head to be closer to the floor. A cat’s “I’m the boss of the world” walk would have higher shoulders and a higher head.

The canter looks odd, mostly at the rear knee joints. They don’t bend enough. Also the shoulders should be a little higher.

The run looked very dark on my monitor (just had a power outage, my monitor won’t be warmed up properly until tuesday) but from what I could see, it looked good.

Hi Sketchy
Can you give some hint how have you done this? Have use Python or frame by frame?
In python if any modification could have been done in the walk.o.matic for 4 legged animals?

there is no magic here; just simple keyframing. There are very few shortcuts in animation. I think you’ll find that if you try cut corners and use scripts to automate animation tasks, then the animation will be poor.

Thanks for guidance.