allicons of Blender SVN 31533

Someone (cannot find it back :() has published a script making all icons of blender visible.
like this:
API changes made it not working anymore.
Today’s blender and making the script an addon works again!

One change (!!!) needed to show the selection mark in the preferences window was needed line 1077 of …/ui/ had to be camouflaged by a #

Your comments (and who was the author in which page, search did not succeed)

i believe it was Crouch who did this Icon script

see Crouch thread

do you mean that all the bugs with API to run script in text window are not settled and work ok whitout needing to have the script as an addon?

but for theses icons is there a list of icons with the name beside for easy identification?

happy 2.5

Yes, it worked only as addon (because otherwise the ‘global’ icons is not visible, probably an error somewhere …).

If you look at the icons, you put the mouse over one you want to know the name of!

See the ‘black’ part: it was over the grid seen as icon

i know you can see the name with Crouch script for icons!

but is there another picture may be that shows all theses icons with names somewhere!

now is the icon script working in latest built or need to be change again?

any link for latest script for icon which work in latest built ?


Just saw a ‘conflict’:
using the I had to ‘camouflage’ two rows in */ui/ but in visualize_indices (much more important) those two # had to be removed.
SVN 31533 by the way.

If you want to see the picture of all icons as well as their names you have to change the script
or look into to see how it is accomplished and write something of your own.

is there somewhere to find out what the changes in the API are?

I, too, have had some problems with scripts breaking in the SVN
I did manage to fix one problem before something else changed in the API and broke it again

I am trying to find THAT too, eventually I see it, after using SVN to download newest version of blendersource …
Other possibility I got: the irc channel of blendercoders ?

in last few weeks there was so many changes ain API

i mean there should be a summary stticky thread giving at least an idea what changes are with date / version and some link may be

at least we would be able to follow all the changes !

don’t understand why it does not exist !

happy 2.5

i’ll try to have the icons script fixed this weekend.
2 or 3 days.

Have a look here:

i tried to add it to addons in 626 but don’t even see it in the addons panel ?

did you test this in 626 or higher ?

also the list of icons + names are not in alphabetical order !

so any idea if there is a way to get it in alphabetical order with icon?

wold be faster to find a specific name like UI!


You can ran it from a text-window, it occures in the object … (needs the new python dll W32)

Ever heard from sort :D?

after the creation of icons add a line (e.g.)
and the icons will be sorted in alphabetical order (ACTION …ZOOM-SELECT)

well i got the latest 626 version

this python dll 32 should be included in there somewhere or is this a new dll system windows?

i tried to run it from text editor but also in the addons folder but
it’s not even creating the PYC file ?