Alligator character for children's book

This is my first ever character model with Blender. I am writing a childrens book w/ this character, maybe. Todo: textures, teeth, mouth inside, eyelids

That looks like a plonster! :smiley:

OMG, I’m a forum guru! I wonder when that happened?

Hey, cool ! It looks really friendly :slight_smile: Nice for a children book ! (there seems to be quite a mess in the eye skin… Or perhaps is it just the saving of the render)

I love the model in the side view. Appropriately cute. :smiley:
But, I think it looks like a different model in the front view. The character’s body shows a lot of mass and volume in the side view which you lose a little in the front view. Notice that the side view shows a pear-shaped body while in the front view is almost cylindrical. That needs to be sorted out

Also, I’m sure you realise that the upper arm deformation in the front view needs work. Looks a little like an extra joint at the bicep. Over all, this is a great start and it just needs some tweaking of the proportions. Since this is a children’s character, I would pay particular attention to the proportions of the head. What makes an alligator look like an alligator? Maybe these alligator baby photos will help, since they are sort of exaggerated versions of the adult:

Best of luck.


fudje: What’s a plonster?

cortex: You are right the eye texture is a mess . That’s my fault not a rendering problem

samir: Really good suggestions about the proportions overall and upper arm deformations.

Thanks all!

The eye texture is horrible, luckily there’s many areas on the net you can go to to help with creation of eyes.