Alligning vertices

Hello. Just started back to Blender so basically starting from fresh. Tried to model using mirror but couldn’t get it to work so went with the ole work out which vertices are opposite and modify them together. However I messed up a pair at some stage and they’re no longer a mirror of each other and I’m way past undo. So I was wondering is there a way to check the global position of one set of vertices, calculate the mirror and apply it to the other?

If you hit the N-key it brings up the properties panel. It lists the global and local position of verticies, edges and faces. (the median location is multiples are selected)

You could box select (B key) and delete half of the model then select everything and hit ctrl+m then the axis to mirror on.

Or you could get the mirror modifier to work. What seems to be the matter with it? Keep in mind that it mirrors the object on the center point (unless an object is defined) so move the center accordingly.

You may also want to apply the ‘rotation to obData’ so it mirrors more like you’d expect it to. (ctrl+a in object mode)

Thanks that worked perfectly. I used the N-key method as it was only two verts that needed to be fixed. Select vertices, M, Z(global) and then cant work out how to modify the model. If I for example hit S only the vertices I have selected scale, not their corresponding verts on the opposite side. I’m probably just doing it wrong. :S

Mirror modifier is really the best way to construct an symmetrical model. It works very very well. That link should get you going using the mirror modifier.