Allocate Force Fields to specific particle systems without affecting other particles

Hi everbody,

i need some good advice using force fields on specific particle systems. I need to allocate specific force fields to specific particle systems without having other particles systems in the scene affected.

Refering to this image:

Force Field 1 shall afffect Particle System A, but NOT Particle System B.Simultaneously, Force Field 2 shall affect Particle System B without influencing particle System A.

I tried to use Deflector Groups on either Particle System, but then the particles do not react to none of any force fields.

Does somebody know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Put the particle system A and force field 1 on one layer and system B with force field 2 on another layer.

Hi AlanK,
Thanks for the tip, it worked very well ! But this lead to another question: Sorry for that i did not explain the whole problem, but i am trying to achieve the effect with more than two Particle Systems / Force Fields: Say i would like to have 100 of it - this will lead into trouble when using the layer idea.

do you have any other suggestions ?

Anyway, thank you for your help !