Allow me to introduce myself

Ayyyyyy wassap guys

After lots of daily time-wasting on social media sites, I decided to do something productive with my life!

So I picked up Blender and I’m learning how to use it.

To my delight, I found out there’s a stackexchange for Blender! But it’s only for legitimate questions and answers, apparently. I had to learn that the hard way lol.

What if I want an opinion on my work? What if I run out of ideas? What if I want to collab with people?

Some searching later, I found this forum! So I joined, and here I am! C:

I hope to become a Blender master and (maybe) make some friends.


Welcome to Blender Artists, ROBOTunderscore :smiley:

Looks like you’ve jumped right in. What kind of 3D are you interested in?

I’m mostly interested in animating, but I also want to master modeling and shading so I can make my own objects as well as make them look nice. ^^

Welcome here to the exciting community!

Look forward to your contributions here!

Welcome to the forum and also welcome me here :stuck_out_tongue:

lol kevin
welcome to you too :stuck_out_tongue:

So can we call you ROB_ for short?

Also, did you come across those bot threads before you chose your username?

@Orinoco sure! lol.

@Joystik Studios no, I made this username up a long time ago. it was originally supposed to be ROBOT_, but someone took that handle on twitter, so I just spelled out the underscore.

Hey, another want to be animator. Welcome aboard. Actually, learning Blender for stills goes hand in hand with animating is my opinion. Or, maybe it doesn’t anymore. Now this depends on your graphics card and could even depend on your processor if you attempt to use Cycles for animating.

This was all much simpler a few years ago when Blender had one render engine. Not so simple anymore since we have a raytracer and the original scanline renderer. For most of us who attempt animations on a modest machine the Blender original renderer is the only way to go for any sizable animation. Otherwise you might end up fitting your story to the render times. And, contrary to what you might read a scanline renderer will be around for years to come.

Not only that but the Blender original renderer will teach you lighting. But, all of these comments will probably fall on deaf ears. Cycles can be impressive and your first animations will be simple with no regard for the size of the file. And, without a doubt Cycles will bust them out in record time. Then your skills increase and your story telling ambitions get bigger along with bigger scenes and file size. Suddenly you discover your render times are not in minutes but in ten minute increments. And, it dawns on you Cycles is all you know.

My suggestion would be if animation is your interest learn Blender Internal and then Cycles for simple animations and the occasional still which requires hyperrealism. Otherwise you might end up attempting to animate a slideshow instead of a moving camera.

Insightful. Thanks!

Will attempt to learn Blender Internal and making stills