Allplan & Blender work together

This is another work modeled with Allplan and rendered with Blender, using new raytracing implementations

What’s it gonna be used for?

It is gonna be used for showing an architechtural proposal about an indoor distribution. It is a 3D view focused in the room’s distribution.

What’s allplan?

BTW that look Great! How did you do the nice, soft lighting? :smiley:

Very cool image. Tell us more about allplan and, if you can afford some time, maybe an tutorial on how you did this?

Sorry guys, but perhaps Allplan is not that you expected to be. Allplan is a HEPPS !!! (highly expensive propietary piece of software). It is from Germany and is very powerful… only in modelling buildings and architechtural works. Allplan has a very poor Render tools and Allplan’s users usually ends their works in another highly expensive propietary piece of software… Cinema4D.
My personal challenge is replace Cinema4D with Blender.
The last Blender features really allow to work with Blender in a more professional way, therefore the new ligths & raytracing implementations.
The lighting work is mainly made with arealight with raytracing.
I’m now trying to do some Allplan&Yafray fucking.