Alltaken's floating tree, my version

I did this in about 4-5 hours, two hour render on my blazing fast PII 366.
The ground turned out really lame, I was trying something new to see if it would look better: a couple half-visible floors on top of the real floor, all with the same texture. As you can see, my grass still looks like a flat floor. :expressionless:

Comments and crits appreciated, although I don’t think I’ll do any more on this.


I like everything about this scene but the white glow and the round leaves. They really seem to detract from the overall effect of the image. I think even the grass is convincing, and if you don’t like the “flatness” just subdivide the grass plane using fractal subdivide perhaps. :slight_smile: Make sure you save first! I won’t be held responsible for destroyed work!

Finally I’m really impressed that you’re so patient with this older hardware. Thanks for further proving to everyone that you don’t need expensive and fancy hardware to make effective use of the software :smiley:

Thanks Desoto, the glow is there because it’s there in the original artwork (
The round leaves are because I am a lazy bum.