Alltaken's Week 3 Concept

Final of this character:

All skin is procedural, modified from my blend file of course. :wink: Even the lips are procedural with a different material index.

Great concept Alltaken.

Hope you all like it.


awesome dude loveing this feel , wire ?

Wire as requested:


That creature looks great! Too bad it’s only a head :(.

hey I keep hearing about procedural textures and they seem to look great. What are they and where can I find a tute on em?

I asked the exact same thing. its a big word for a simple thing

Reminds me of a 3d version of the matriarch alien off of Lilo and Stitch. Great job!

How do people do such great looking textures with procedrucals?? Reveal your secret!!! please and thank you.

Awsome pic.

i think it would look better iwth silver healmet
but the skinn is AWsome

I think George Lucas is gonna sue somebody! Haha j/k.

It does remind me of something straight out of Episode 2 though.

yfkar: Yeah, only a head, but that’s all I felt like doing.

blazer003: You are right. It does look like that character. Didn’t see it until you mentioned it. My kids watch that damned movie all the time too.

Strategoi: It’s easier than you think. Just look at my thread here -> for my blend file. I used this material and just tweaked the colours, etc. a bit to get what you see above.

drago451: I actually set up the materials to be more of a chrome, but when you also apply RAMP shaders, it changes things up a bit and I didn’t feel like fixing it. I actually like the result though.

idbltrbl001: LOL! I hope not. :wink:


I like the material results, personally. Makes it looks like a polished exoskeleton :slight_smile: