almost empty room

I started with testing softbody and end with sth like this

C&C welcome


Amazing texturing! how did you do that? I like the picture. looks very realistic. No crits from me!


thanks, about textures, walls and floor was uv mapped col & nor, frame only col. desk, “chair” and curtain textured with image in basic orco mapping, also desk and “chair” uses raymir (with diffrent settings) Black elements are… just black (I’m a lazy guy :slight_smile: ). Finally yafray with GI done great job (almost 9h of rendering)

I really like the slight offsets in shapes and orientation. One thing i noticed though… there seems to be a ghost in the mirror :o


Maybe the post was called almost empty for that reason (oooo-weee-ooo)

Where is that wind blowing the curtain coming from, the frame has solid wall behind it. (oooo-weee-ooo)

yep, I also think that there is sth in the room, definitely a tex on the mirror :wink:


whow surreal man, i like it, especialy the face in the mirror coming from nowhere

its a bit dark- otherwise looks pretty good

Ghost? I thought that was an old photograph, with the glass over the photograph reflecting most of the room.

I have a minor crit… the desk looks like it’s marble, but it also appears to be slightly transparent… you can see the corner between the floor and wall through it.

desk is not transparent, Maybe it’s a kind of illusion, it reflect the floor (I think so, becouse I didnt make a transparent material)

Old photo? My intention was to show a person (ghost) in the mirror, but anyone can interpret this as he like :slight_smile:

Thanks for thos crit