*almost finished* ! Diablo Hover-car

(lerpiedood) #1

I have decided to make a hover car modeled after the lamboghini Diablo and Murcielago, and also some of my own improvements. Here is a pic
and you can find more pics of it here http://mysite.iptic.com/wurxware/hovercar.html

(adyus) #2

looking good so far…keep it up!

damn! i wish I could model like that! :frowning:

(Ecks) #3

Cool! Really cool! Really Really cool! etc etc etc…

Is the car for the Exodus? If yes: IT’s perfect! Did you get my mail about the forum?

(lerpiedood) #4

Thanks for the comments. Yes X-Warrior I started making it for my portfolio, but it will also be used in the Exodus. Checing my mail, don’t check email very much. hehehe. Wow alot of emails! Yes I got your email, and I just replied:)

(lerpiedood) #5

Ok, these were kindof difficult to do, but I pulled em off. Mirrors!
Here is an update pic

(lerpiedood) #6

Here is an update

(Detritus) #7

Looking good! I myself suck at vehicles! Keep up the good work!

(Ecks) #8

WOW! :o I “love” it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: keep up the good work!

(ScottishPig) #9

In the sketch, especially the bottom of it, makes it look like a shoe.

(digitalSlav) #10

looking good although at this stage i think your mirrors stick out way too far.

(lerpiedood) #11

Thanks for the comments, I have another update. Yes the concept pic does look sortof like I shoe, thats why I’m modeling the car from a lamboghini blueprint.

(lerpiedood) #12

As a request I have also made a GI render

(lerpiedood) #13

well another update on my car, I’ve started working on the back now.

(Ecks) #14

WOOW!!! I love it! Very cool! Those will be very cool in my city!!! :wink:

(S68) #15

Excellent :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more!


(lerpiedood) #16

Well after a week break I kicked myself in the ass and got to work again, here’s two new renders.

(Detritus) #17

Looking good! But I don´t like the yellow color… I think the blue was better. And how will the driver see what´s going on behind with those “bars” across the backwindow? Otherwise it´s an extremely good model!

(wewa_juicyb) #18

Lookin’ good. Is that Radiosity with Env maps I see there? Just wondering… Great texturing and great model. I’m kindda missing a livitation-device or what ever engine keeps it floating (/me thinks big blackish-chrome tubes).


(blengine) #19

that looks cool! i like the blue better too… its looking really good though and progressed nicely, a great idea as well =)

(lerpiedood) #20

Thanks for the replies. It is a envmap with radiosity, too bad you can’t see the mirrors in the radiosity render. I plan on making it a teal chrome color in the end. As for the hover devices, hang in there I’m working on them, there will be some large thrusters and some pads. As for not seeing out the back, I looked at a couple Lamborghinis in real life and did not see any rear windows, I guess they have a camera or something and the side mirrors.