Almost finished exterior [WIP]

it’s my first time to ask for feedback before I’ve finished my project but I really want to make sure if it’s good (or not). I’m closely getting to giving it a final render (the version you see is not post-processed at all). What do you guys think of it? Do you like it? Do you have any suggestions?


Wow, Perfect ! Are the palm trees made in Blender or is it an image ?

Thanks. They are actual models but not made in Blender. They were made with GrowFX though not by me.

Beautiful. I like the illumination !
How many polygons ?

Over 5 700 000. That’s without grass, trees and bushes that are distributed using particle systems.

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:scream: :scream:

And I’ve been rendering it on 1 layer instead of splitting it up. So memory usage that’s over 8GB makes my 1070 useless here and I’m forced to use CPU for rendering.

Why didn’t you make separate layer renders ?

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nice work man !!!

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really cool.
Waiting for the final shot.

Jarek D(DJ)

I’m glad you like it. However, I’m not sure about the design of the house. People were telling me that something’s wrong with that bottom, rocky part. I might change it. Also, I feel like opening the 1st floor space would be nice. It would essentially mean to cut that black part on the front to make the interior visible. What do you think?

Right now it seems a bit like a stronghold :slight_smile:
in fact I thought it was more a kind of museum or something than a house for a living :slight_smile:
adding windows or openings seems like a good idea
though in hot climate windows can be small, as one is looking more for shade than sun :slight_smile:

Jarek D(DJ)

render looks really good, but the architecture feels very enclosed. I suppose it’s about a castle with interior views :slight_smile:

That’s why I feel like it would be a good idea to open up the floor while keeping the ground level as an enclosed space where you can find some shade.

Chop off the entire driveway, which is a great big white thing that pulls attention away from the building and throws the exposure off. Then, boost the exposure on the building. Finally, add lighting sources with a color other than white.

Finally, I suggest – decorate the poor building.

What you want your spectator to perceive within your work for sure largely depends on the style you intended to conform to, but no matter how you compose elements or how much detail you put into, without a structure or a story, so to speak, it will always lack that “something” making it real architectural exterior.