almost finished game model MECHA (robot)

(Darkelfv) #1

I working with a team called cazmod doing a full conversion for the game called serious sam 2. the design was done by david the concept artist from our team. I took that and made this model. I wondering if there is anything that looks ackward or off.

link to picture

link to rotation avi

if that dont work goto
at the bottom there is a link to the avi.

all done in blender the model is 3286 triangles atm!

(Ecks) #2

WOW!!! :o :o :o
This is for a game??? I hope you will finish the game fast!!! but can you make an wlaking/running/attacking animation?

(Darkelfv) #3

well im just the modeler but when they get done yes i will post them. I might make one my self just for fun. thx we have a team and each person does differnt parts of the system. i model for example. someone else textures and so on. when the cazmod is released i will notifiy tons of people with screen shots!! but its going to be a while

(0ptikz) #4

Very nice model, I likes!

But are you jerking our chains about working on serious sam 2? It just seems strange that the modeling would be done in blender as opposed to a real high end app that people would expect to be used on a game of this magnitude…

Damn, that demon insect thingie looks pretty sweet too…nice work.

(Pooba) #5

WOW! I’m guessing this game will not be made in gameblender… too many polys for it to handle. Do you think you could make me a model? :slight_smile:

You said he’s making a conversion of the game, would that mean that you’re just making a remake of it?


(Darkelfv) #6

well no im not jerking your chain. I use blender to do models then convert them over to dxf and sometimes put them in lightwave and set up the uv texture. I really hate to do models in lightwave its way to slow even with my fast computer. so i do modeling in blender then covert them over. To tell you the truth I thought most people do this if not they should try it, it has saved me a hell of alot of time.

As far as making you a model i would love to. if you going to do it for blender, blendergame can’t handle that many polys maybe not over 500 but i would still love to make you the model email me at [email protected] with the concept art and i will see what i can do.

As far as the Mod for serious sam 2 . the team Cazmod started out making the mod for serious sam 1 . but we were slow about doing things and decided to make the switch to 2. which isnt really that much harder. Our mod is going to consist of new weapons, new models (enemies , players) as well as new maps and textures and sounds. a full conversion mod. we are still decideing if its going to be single player mod or multiplayer mod only or both. The site is kind down but will be up in a week or two hopefully.

The process goes like this
the story line is made
then the concept artist makes sketches
me and another guy make the models (i use blender) he uses lightwave)
then we send the models to the animator and uv skiner guy
then there imported into the game through i belive lightwave !!!
code is change for that specific model.
then presto working model

(rwv01) #7

That’s pretty cool!

What other games have you worked on?

(CurtisS) #8

No one in their right mind would mess with THAT creature! You would get sliced and diced to pieces! Cool!