Almost Fractal - Motion Graphics & Breakdown

As I was exploring the blender modifiers I stumbled over the Array-Modifier and its object offset field. I played around, with a cube and an empty object and found the curly effect kinda weird and kinda interesting. I had so much fun with it and that is my result.

I scaled my HD material up to 4K to preserve details.
I’m relay frustrated that HD looks like SD or even worse.
Compare it.




Some specs:

no cycles, no blender internal just the view-port render and post-processing

Rendered Resolution: 1920x1080
Frames: 7108 per layer
Total Frames: 21324 frames

Frame Rate: 30 fps
Beats per minute:150 bpm

Scene Render Time ca. 8h
Workload ca. one week

Used Modifiers
Hook-Modifier → to rotate the cube at the beat or not
Array-Modifier → for more cubes (100 pieces)
object offset → to achieve a adjustable pointy spiral
Mirror-Modifier → to make even MORE cubes
object offset → for extra motion


Awesome song under creative commons “Pistol & Cutlass” by Wontolla
Released by: Argofox / Release date: 16 July 2016 /P-line: ℗ Argofox

BeatMarkers script by tumtidum

Audio visualization script by sirrandalot

Lens dirt texture by kerast