almost good news

I was asked by the designers at federal-heath sign co. here in vegas, how much I would want to teach them blender, [my minimum would probably be at least in the $50+ an hour range]. but I told them I would gladly teach them for free [I’m a retired designer] …but…I’m having trouble w/2.42, I’m going to guess the “support forum” I was chased to is the one at the blender site? blender just gettin’ to big for me!..thanx johnd

This site has plenty of resources for you to soak up to help you teach them Blender. Also, you’ll find how all the major features from 2.30 work in the release logs. Don’t forget the mediawiki manual.

The ‘Support Forum(s)’ are here, Third group from the top starting with ‘Basic Interface’.


actually I was very happy w/ my version 2.41…but I felt it best they start w/ the latest version, 2.42, I was going to catch up w/ 2.42 but I think I have to download 47+ megs to update my graphics card?..[I’m dial-up]…I been doin blender 'bout 4 yrs now,n’still lovin it!

fligh,thanx…but that ain’t on my screen?

OK, thanx fligh, it was further down the page “basics & interface”…sorry if I’m in the wrong forum,I try not to bother you folks to often. 'cause I always seem to get it wrong here…thanx again…as usual …johnd

…ztonzy…just in passing may I politley suggest that before you chase someone to “support forums” & shut down the thread, you might consider having the word “support” somewhere on the page…thanx…johnd

What browser are you using? For me on IE it’s clearly visible as a dark-blue bar above the third section.


OK,OK my bad, I guess you wouldn’t believe I’ve been doin’ graphics all my life…sorry ztonzy

teach them well! (im sure youll have no problems with it)


good luck with it.


seems the problem is solved and in Support forum as well :slight_smile:

btw, I am not the only administrator or moderator here, but maybe I am more visible than some, so I am not the only one here making the rules are followed.