Almost within reach of the Breach

So after watching a tutorial on youtube, I was inspired to create my own version of the Breach special effect from the Flash on the CW network. Here’s the current situation. I have successfully created the mesh and the texture of the breach but I’m having issues composting it.

So this is the angle shot. It looks okay at this angle…

But I have no idea what happened here.

I would like to get it to looking like this as close as I can using the Blender Internal Engine. If it’s not possible, then my next course of action would be to use it in After Effects. I am also going to upload the link to the file in this thread in hopes of troubleshooting it.

Looks like its watery and reflective on the outside but sort of cloudy on the inside. Also not very transparent. I think that you may need to work on the reflections some more.

I forgot to mention that the cloudy part was the particle system. Should I get rid of it as well?

wow, so beatiful, look like in my fantacy, atlantics :open_mouth:

Alright. After much trial and error I was able to fix the problem. It turns out that I had to work on the material as well as work on the nodes in my attempt to master this effect. Here’s the recent result of it.

I think I am satisfied with the results for now. Thanks to all who tried to help.