Alone - Blender Short Film

Hi, this is the first post to the Blender Artists. I took about 1 month to create this video and this is my latest video that uploaded on YouTube. I used to find the textures and Blenderkit to create interior of the dining room.
(Sorry for reposting, I didn’t know much about how to edit the post that already uploaded.)


Cool ! I must admit that I didn’t understand everything but there are interesting stuff in there and on your previous animation.

How do you handle animation ? do you use mocap or you film videos and animate on top of that ?

Keep them coming it’s super promising !

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Hello sozap!
Firstly, thank you for watching my video and giving a great feedback to me!
I filmed reference footage by myself, and animated by hand.
I tried to express the some emotions of the character in this work, such as sudden flash and satisfaction to the final result she created.
This is my first response to the feedback, maybe my English is not good and I’m so sorry about my late response.
EDIT: I used some references to animate actions of the previous video. You can watch them from the down below.

And I don’t use mocap neither mixamo to animate the characters usually.


Hey ! I just figured out that you answered since I haven’t been notified !
Super cool how you base your animation on references !

it’s quite tricky to convey subtle emotions like that, your short while being simple looks very challenging ! And at the same time some of these shots feels very real !

I think the way you worked helped you a lot to develop a great sense of timing ! But it might use a bit of simplification and exaggeration. The character are semi-realistic / cartoony, but the anim feels quite real, to a point where it could have been mocap.

Maybe it’s worth studying classic cartoony animation so you can decide how much you want to balance things !

I’m not expert in animation so sorry if that feels out of place !
Good luck on your next project !

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I appreciate you deeply that you found me, and gave a nice advice to me.
I’ve never gave this great encouragement from my viewers since I started my YouTube channel from 2022.
I still need to improve my skills, but I’ll do my best in anytime :).

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Cool ! I guess we reach to specialized forums also to get feedback from other artists !
Since there is so much traffic on youtube or else I never take the time to expand on my comments.
But here it’s quite interesting to follow what everyone is doing, there are people really motivated to improve as well as seasoned artists doing amazing work !

Have fun and see you around !

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See you too !

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