alone in the dark

Please critic my work : O

It’s more or less a black rectangle. What is there to critique?

When people are alone they have to find ways to entertain themselves. Why is this kid looking through this unusually large window? I think that mystery is what makes this piece.

The windows are so huge than this must be a gnome or elf.

I wonder why noone seems to notice, thats no kid, its a lego figure.
The image lacks contrast, but if you look at it longer than for one second you will see its a lego figure.

In general:
-Add props to the scene, it seems to empty
-work on the lighting
-more passes!

I noticed it was a Lego figure, but it looks absolutely flat because the lighting doesn’t bring out any shape. The lighting overall is way too dark. I understand we’re talking about “alone in the dark” here, but to create artistically “dark” scenes, a little more creativity is needed. Try using more contrast.

Also, denoise the render. Close the gap between min and max bounces, and give it more samples. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a clean render with cycles unless your computer is a beast.

thanks for you tips, i’ll do a new render with more intense light :slight_smile:

Glaringly obvious problem. The title. How can you be “alone in the dark” when there is a bloody great window in front of you with light shining in!

The light is not a company, so he’s alone
new render (cycles)

i’ll try to add some books or things that will might be in a child room or something like that to make it look better and more realistic :wink:

render with corrections, i added some books and a ball and changed the camera position : Rolleyes:

already big improvements :slight_smile:
Is he sitting on a table? give it a wooden texture.
Add somem ore props and arrange them more believably.
If he window is on the right, the ball would not lay there, because thats the end the kid would sit down at the table.
Also add pencils, crayons, maybe matchbox cars, just let your imagination flow and you can get a much better effect out of your image.

added pencil and more intense light rendered also in cycles

It keeps getting better. For scenes like this you need strong silhouettes and contrast. The lit areas need be strongly lit. I nice rim light araound the character. If his back is obscured in shadow, then the background needs be lit so that the silhouette can be seen

But its an excellent start – everyone will tell you – tweaking is the longest part

new render with more details

It being a lego toy is much more noticeable with those extra objects in the scene. It was too dark in the first image for me to see what it was.