Alone in the Rain: Melancholy Solitude

Finished this, a couple hours of work. A Simple little Abstract-ish Piece.
Blender internal+nodes.

Any Crits and Comments Welcome.


Could use a few more drops, but the expression on the character is great.

Not the usual artwork I see on these forums but hey it’s your style.

haha - nice one
looks good!
the puddles don’t really look natural in the way they’re positioned, but heh, that’s what abstract does i guess
you ought to make a nodes tutorial. i’ve been trying them out quite a bit lately and i can’t really get the right look to it
anyway, good work
4.38 stars… rounded up

Puddles, I thought they were stones that are part of the ground. If they’re supposed to be puddles they could use a little work.

great work. 4.5 stars…
too many puddles tho…

I’d like to see how the rain and puddles could turn out if the fluid simulation was used for the drops that would hit the ground. Would help for more realistic puddles.

Oh, just noticed, you could add wet spots to the ground, much like how you’re outdoors during a sprinkle and the concrete is peppered with wet dots.

i always enjoy seeing a simple peice done really well, congratulations…you can read, haha,

four stars:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

i think your work would translate really well into animation, give it a shot dude!

Really nice free_ality! I like you style you’ve got going. Nice colour scheme and all, but I never realised that those splotches were puddles, I thought they were strange things falling from the sky, so yeah, they need some work.

Keep it coming.

Fantastic expression… Its SOOO sad!!! lol
I think there are plenty of drops, but the puddles do look a little dark (like the ones in the front are fine because you see his reflection, but the back ones are hard to tell what they are.)

4 stars from me. LOVE the character!

Not as effective as your work normally is, too much blur over, it needs a bit of defenition and clarity.
The expression is good but the uneven eyes and eyebrows take away from the emotion a little.

3 stars.

Nice mood, although could use more lighting work, reminds me of the nightmare before christmas guy;). Could use a bit more detail. Great work though, I really like it :)!

@CD: Thanks for the crits man…

@Jeeps: Hey, glad you like it! I may do a tute sometime…

@Trak: Thank you thank you…

@SuperWu-Man: HoHo! The SUPER WuMan Seal of Approval?!?!?! Thanks a lot dude. I have thought about animation, but:
I render with AO(which adds a lot of personality to the images), but it makes for 9 minute frames. Does the new AO bake work for Animation?

Again, thanks man.

@Cuby: Yeah, I guess I kind of forget that the viewer doesnt know what everything is. They do look a bit funky… Thanks man :slight_smile:

@NumNums: Hey,t hanks a lot man. Really glad you like it.

@TheANIMAL: Yeah, Im a little Over the top/off kilter with all my work…
Can you call that a style? Anyway,t hansk for the votes and crits.

@otto riis: Hmm, nightmare befor christmas?..that dude with the mask? Havent seen that movie in years…
Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks everybody for the Crits comments and votes, they help me grow.


quoted cuz i coundt have said it better myself.

Thanks man.

It is slightly annoying though…I get a four star rating consistantly, but have yet to grab a 5…

A challenge perhaps? Its on…

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    I really like the emotions in this. He has a pointy head - Is he a raindrop too? One that perhaps was spurned or rejected as he was ugly? Perhaps he’s like Frankinstien’s monster or Edward Scissorhands, created and stitched together by someone well meaning, perhaps even someone who loved him - then he was left alone. The other big raindrops fear and ostracize him, the small ones won’t let him join their fun game of splashing in the puddles.

Oh the lonliness of the one misunderstood hailstone in a rainstorm.

I’ll just go now.

Ha, Thats half the fun of art right? Its all open to your interpretation.

though you hit on it in a couple places.

I really don’t like this piece much, as it feels rushed. I have no clue what his arms are, or if he even has arms, the puddles are too unrealistic and look like larger rain drops falling. The shadow is much too undefined, and would be nicer if it was darker. beyond that I enjoy the lighting, but the blur and glow it creates is too much.

free_ality, if you want to get a 5 star rating and maybe a piece in the gallery, you need to spend more time than one day on one piece. That is unless you’re RobertT…

Jeepster- He actually already made it to an even better gallery. The Gallery

In my opinion, it’s the simplicity of your images that makes them so magnificent. 4 stars because you’re awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Well anyone can make a bunch of chairs and put them in unusual positions and piles but it takes more then that to get the good lighting and DOF to make it possible. I personally think that image of his with the geese thingies as what they are called would make a better fit in that gallery then that one.