Alone in the Rain: Melancholy Solitude

oh yeah, i remember seeing that:spin:

well, if you want to get a 5 star rating and maybe another piece in the gallery, you need to spend more time than one day on one piece. That is unless you’re RobertT…

haha, Im not complaining(wait…) Im just saying.

I basicly annoy myself :smiley:

Your rating is dropping (seriously, was this initially 5 stars?)

Okay, you made a piece that was at 5 stars for 5 minutes, try to turn that into a permanent rating.

Looks pretty cool, The character is really good.

As everyone else said though the puddles need some work… it’d be cool if there was some ripples in them maybe?

I dunno, nice work though.

It’s a nice piece, but there is so much blur! It makes it hard to work some bits out like the puddles, which initially I thought were rocks.

The lighting, though the shadow is rather too sharp for a rainy day, is excellent and gets the mood right. I also love the camera angle. However, please increase the DOF, it looks like nothing is in focus and for me takes away the depth of the image (eye in focus, but edge of head not, which means an apparently tiny DOF, yet the puddle behind the head is in just as much focus meaning it’s about the same distance away from the camera).

Nice image, great for a quick piece of work, but this could be considerably improved.

@Microwave: Thanks man
@IanC: Alright :slight_smile: Thanks for the crits.