alone with millions

hi… this is mi second image… tell me what you think :expressionless:


Check out this link for a tutorial on how to generate a better star field, possibly even a nebular:

I like the little alien dude and the planets aren’t bad either, I just for some reason don’t like them together :-?

Great image thought for a second!!! Keep it up!!! Any questions just ask and I’m sure someone will reply when they get a chance.

i like it, but i would suggest a couple of things:

composition. the character should be the focus of the image so i would put him closer to the centre of the image. ( see sketch )

planetoid lacks definition. it needs more shape to make it ‘real’. try some displacement to raise the land mass areas?

very cute image, keep at it! :smiley:

jim ww


the small-sized planet thing reminds me of the little prince (its a story)

its a really cool looking alien there too :slight_smile:

I agree on the composition,

and also maybe have the more distant planets lit by different lights, to make them seem more distant, know what I mean? Unless theyre also meant to be small and quite close to this one…?


hi, thanks to everybody for his comments, now the scene is more dark and the alien has a couple of antennas, what do you think? sorry but my english is not good.


whitout shadows…


yeah, it reminds me of the little prince too.

i like the one without shadows the best. It really brings out the colors. I think it is really good and very creative. :smiley: