My first “real” blender render…


Wow. Your work is beautiful! It have a very introspective feeling.

Very nice! Love the feel of this image, really sucks you in. Nice work!

Welcome to BlenderArtists.Org!!

Incredible, very nice work.

Very nice and sad piece of work.

I love the colors in this. the only thing that bothers me is that in the snow in front of the bench the mesh needs more faces to make it look smoother.

Welcome to BA. Are you new to 3D or just to blender?

Yep, the snow in front needs a few more triangles (at that point I was impatient with the computer rendering time :slight_smile: ). Thanks for the comment.

I’m not really new to either - I just have never really finished a project. I’ve always just played around with the features and never really created any real work…

Excellent, you really captured the mood!

I really like this. You got the mood perfect, and you even remembered the footprints in front of the bench.

I noticed the snow too, but that’s been mentioned. The only other thing I can see is the lack of stars. I don’t know how that would affect the mood of the image though, so you might be better off leaving them out. Maybe just a few subtle, hard to see stars? Probably wouldn’t be able to see too many stars anyway with those lights on.

EDIT: Yay! 100th post too! I know, it’s not that many…but it’s still cool.

I like this a lot!

Seems as if there maybe should be footprints going up to the bench. I guess it’s possible that he fell asleep and then it started snowing, then stopped, but since the scene is in the night I don’t think that it’s as likely.

I’d either make it snowing or add footprints in the snow.

Great job! A few suggestions…
The foot prints aren’t very noticeable… as in I was looking for them and it still didn’t look quite right. Maybe accent them more?
Have the untouched snow smoother, and glistening in the moonlight.
Add the moon.
Stars would be beautiful, but wouldn’t fit the scene I don’t think. You need clouds. If you could add “spooky” clouds, with the moon shining through a hole, that would add a lot I think.

Just some things to think about if you ever edit it, even though you’ve posted it in finished projects.

Real cool man. Way to give constructive criticism. I’m kidding, dont yell at me :smiley:

really cool pic, i like it. That glass on the streetlamps is really good, I love that. What are those weird patterns at the base of the trees and snow lumps? Anyway great pic.

Four and a half stars out of five.
I love the snow!

love the work. I think that you should try adding stars. Might change the feel of the image a bit

Yes, stars would be amazing!