alpha bullet holes

I’m trying to get a alpha bullet hole texture to map onto a moving mesh -like a car from a particle system -the bullets. The only problem is that if you want the bullet particles to stick to the car mesh then they can’t die when they collide - but the alpha bullet hole i have targeting the particles with a particle instance modifier is now visible the entire life of the bullet not only after it has collided. Any suggestions?

I have a idea that maybe if i allow a static particle system to be on the collider mesh and set the particle count very high that having the bullet particles kill these would allow me to show the alpha billboard on the death of the static parts. will have to try

Not sure but die on hit or a similar setting may help you,

Blender used to have a reactor system for particles but in the newer versions its not there if there was a option to have a particle die when it hit a particle from a different system that would work but couln’t seem to find any such thing.

For now i used the new pointdensity texture type on the surface i’m shooting and set the coordinates to global and some turb and bumping gives nice bullet marks - like concrete flaking off. just had to make the mesh collision settings 100% on the friction and damp to hold the particles on the surface but not kill them.