Alpha channel in text not showing

(claus_01) #1


I have a video file which I imported into Blender & some text, which I rendered as a PNG with alpha channel. In an image editor, the alpha channel is present, but when I play the video there’s a grey background where the alpha channel should be.

Here’s the .blend file:

Desmond Blue Test 01.blend (457 KB)



P.S: I tried ‘attach to .blend’ several times, but the video and the text are missing. :frowning: So, here’s at least the image:

I checked it in Gimp, but the alpha channel is there.

(JA12) #2

Set the image blend type to alpha over from the strip properties and it should show up

The .blend file wasn’t set to use compression.

(claus_01) #3

Thanks, it worked.