Alpha Channel / Masking

How can I apply alpha channle / masking in texturing? Can it be done?

Well yeah…

(Use the already applied alpha channel)

  1. Save your texture as an image which has an alpha value (GIF is the only one i know), the transparant must be the same color (like all white), then where you load the image (Texture panel, F6), press the ‘Use alpha’ button in the ‘Image’ panel, with the texture selected of course.
    Then in the material (‘Map to’ panel), press alpha (i think you have to), and in the material settings, set the desired alpha value.

(Use the color as value…i think)
2. Get another texture, and press the ‘Alpha’ under the ‘Map to’ panel. Then set the alpha value of the material to the desired, and Woila!!

Play around, to get it right…

Best luck.

sorry! I’m new to blender. Can’t seen to get it working

can someone please show me a step by step? Please!